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Midea - AC

Cadillac Iconic

Cadillac - Escalade V

Introducing the Pinacle of performance, the most powerful full size luxury SUV,
The Cadillac Escalade V, with the help of super people and an imoressive team
driven by Amna al Qubaisi and presented by Rori Harvey.

Destination Abu Dhabi

It was a real pleasure producing such a campaign for the capital of the UAE; Abu Dhabi
together with a beautiful team we are happy to share it with you.

Americana Foul


Cadillac - BlackWing unleashed

Cadillac - Unleashed



Poppins Granolies

Happy to share with you Poppins Granolies latest campaign, baked oat snacks proudly made in Lebanon!

Saco KSA

Abaad Mamnou3a min l 3ared

A beautiful ride with a beautiful team/family for a great cause! BLACK RHINO is proud to have produced this campaign for Abaad and Leo Burnett Beirut. Hats off to all team, Leo team and each and every single soul who made this happen

Abaad Safety

What a pleasure and an honour to be part of such a beautiful and true client. For the 2nd year in a row we proudly present ABAAD campaign brought to you by Leo Burnett Beirut and a lovely team.

Touch Independance

Cadillac - Am I too edgy

Cadillac - See if I care

Cadillac - Hate me or Love me

Cadillac - Uncomfortable

Cadillac - Offend


Halabi Nuts

Al Jarir

Sling - Ramadan Al Ayle

Sling Ramadan - Abou Samer

Sling Ramadan - El Sofra

Sling Ramadan - El Aris

Zain - Bi Kaifi

Zain - Ramadan


Crepaway Come as You Are

We are very proud to have made this happen, with the wonderful Samir Syriani.
Crepaway turns 33, and gives homage to all its lovely customers, and celebrates their diversity and uniqueness.


Sling Ramadan - Gas station

Sling Ramadan - Supermarket

Sling Ramadan - Parking

Dish I Say Arabi

What a fun and pleasing way to close the year!
Credits goes to all of the below and and and and and...

Al Shouf - Take Me Back - Grumpy Old Man - The Couple

CDLL - Bala Drugs

AsiaCell IRAQ - Data Experience

AsiaCell IRAQ - Stargate

AsiaCell - Easy Bundle

AsiaCell - Easy Bundle 2

AsiaCell IRAQ - Basma

AsiaCell - My Services

AsiaCell IRAQ - Blood Donation

AsiaCell IRAQ - Auction

AsiaCell IRAQ - Kadim

AsiaCell IRAQ - Marathon

AsiaCell IRAQ - 3G

7 Days


Butane first campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi Dubai produced by Black Rhino Beirut.
Directed by Alejandro Toledo and lit by Rafa Lluch, the team had a blast scouting prepping and shooting in several region of Lebanon.

Talabat - Ramadan

Talabat Ramadan - Winning Team

Goody - Tuna

Goody - Pasta

Goody - Mayonnaise

L'usine - Burger Buns

L'usine - Best of both

L'usine - Sliced Bread

We gained few kilos during this shoot!
We had to help Marianne Lemince doing sandwiches and make sure they do not only look good but taste good too!
Another lovely production for In-Comms Saudi with Ali Hamadeh, the man behind these appetite appealing stories.
BR was assigned to producing these spots directed by Ghassan Koteit and perfectly lit by Pierre Mouarkesh.
Merci les copains encore une enieme fois!

Byblos Bank - Nephew

Byblos Bank - Yoga

Byblos Bank - Childhood Dream

Byblos Bank - Airport

For the second year in a row, Black Rhino is happy to present Byblos Bank's personal loan campaign, with these creative and amusing ads by Samir Syriani.

Samsung IRAQ - Fridge

Samsung IRAQ - Washing Machine

Samsung IRAQ - Tv

Samsung IRAQ - AC

Ghandour oil

Mme Khass.
The other Queen Of Apples from Y&R and Jihad Ramadan.
It's all about Khassology!

Ghandour oil

An exceptional approach and strategy by Y&R Beirut for Gandour Oil.
Creative Jihad Ramadan created these concepts and trusted Black Rhino to make it happen.
We had a blast!
Tout simplement a blast!

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